Brent is one of the best proofreaders I’ve worked with. He examined every part of my website, from the page copy to the forms and autoresponder messages. He kept me updated throughout the project, and his comprehensive review covered fine details like style guide adherence and important aspects like testing for dead or misdirected links. Brent gave my website the quality assurance check I wanted and finished the job ahead of schedule. I highly recommend him and would happily use his services in the future. Thank you, Brent!

Lara Hawkins

Even editors and proofreaders need editing and proofreading. Brent went through my editing and proofreading website with a fine-tooth comb and found all the details that I missed. Not only did he find mistakes, Brent also had great suggestions for making the site clearer and more appealing. Thank you for your help!

Stu Janis